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IBM Db2 & Db2 on Cloud Technical (Lab) Advocate Newsletter - December 2021

IBM Db2 & Db2 on Cloud
Technical (Lab) Advocate Newsletter
December 2021

    Announcement - IBM Db2 Version 11.5 Modification Pack 7 (v11.5.7.0) is Now Available!

    Db2 Mod Pack Summary of Changes:
    Db2 Download Page:
    Db2 Full APAR Fix List:
    Db2 HIPER and Security APARs:

    Some Key Highlights:
      • Remote storage (Cloud Object Storage) improvements and lifted restrictions.
     • Remote storage support for log archiving and retrieving operations.
     • Improved resilience through control file mirroring.

      • Improved performance when inserting data into column-organized tables, using trickle-feed inserts.
    Federation pushdown capability for running fetch first n row (FFNR) queries against Snowflake data sources.
    Federated procedure support in fenced wrappers.
    Improve pushdown analysis on the blank-padded string comparison semantics.
    Added support for PPCLE platform for Automated HADR failover with Pacemaker.
      • Improved HADR database hang detection on AIX platforms.
      • Pacemaker software refresh.
    Improved HADR database hang detection on AIX platforms
    ZLIB compression for backup and log file compression
      • The ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE procedure is now able to move tables having an index with an expression-based key.
    Code signing (Linux® and Unix) - All Db2 installation image files will be signed by IBM® to protect its integrity and authenticity.
    New KMIP configuration parameters PRIMARY_SERVER_HOST and PRIMARY_SERVER_KMIP_PORT
    RENAME TABLE statement is now extended to support the renaming of tables with indexes on an expression.
     • 196 new APAR fixes.
     • and more!....

    Webinar - Db2 BLU Acceleration - Updates & Improvements

    Satya Krishnaswamy (Program Director, IBM), provides an update on the latest DB2 BLU improvements and enhancements, including Catalog enhancements, BLU storage and compression enhancements, and Runtime features.

    Support  - New 'Escalate Case' Button

    Escalation of Support Cases can now be accomplished through the new 'Escalate Case' button within the Status window of the case.  Please continue to follow IBM Support guidelines for support expectations:

    Demo - Db2 REST: From Movie Recommendation to… Shazam!?

    Tanmay Bakshi (Software Engineer, IBM) provides a demo utilizing Db2 REST, Graph, and other Db2 features to build some very interesting applications.

    Badges & Certifications - Db2 11.5 Certifications

    IDUG and IBM have partnered to develop exams for certification and proctored badges. These exams are typically available at IDUG Conferences, but you also have the option to take these exams outside of IDUG events. For more information, see:

    Tools - Database Conversion Workbench (DCW) v5.0.1!

    The IBM Database Conversion Workbench (DCW) provides an end-to-end solution through UI tooling to facilitate the conversion of Oracle & Teradata databases to DB2 on premise and cloud databases. DCW provides features such as: SQL evaluation & effort estimation, SQL editing & debugging, SQL conversion & deployment
    DCW 5.0.1 Download:
    DCW Community:
    DCW Tutorials:

    Db2 on Cloud - Client Case Studies - Valor Holdings

    Valor Holdings - Achieves dramatically improved performance by migrating all sales data and analysis to IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud
    Valor Holdings, one of Japan’s leading supermarket chains, decided to launch a membership card scheme, and needed to analyze sales data to better serve consumers. The company moved a database of over ten billion transactions to IBM® Db2® Warehouse on Cloud, enabling high-performance analytics to support operations.

    Client Webinar - Lessons Learned: Building Db2 HADR Clusters on AWS

    Philip Nelson (Lloyds Bank/ ScotDB), provides a small intro to Cloud technologies, describes ways to run Db2 on the cloud, why to roll-your-own on to of IaaS, lessons learned about features while setting up on AWS.

    Conferences & Summits & User Groups

    Over the years, IDUG has become known for hosting dynamic conferences packed with the cutting-edge content you need. This year will be no exception. Be sure to make your plans to attend. With great sessions, keynote speakers, workshops, and more, you won't want to miss this event.
    Upcoming Events:
    • IDUG North American Tech Conference - July 9-14, 2022 - Boston, MA

    Upcoming Regional User Groups:
    Find Other Local Db2 User Groups in your area:

    Reminder - End of Support (EOS)  For Db2 Version 11.1 is April 30, 2022

    Effective April 30, 2022, IBM will withdraw support for Db2 Version 11.1. Extended support will be available beyond this date.


    Support  - Overview of IBM Support Framework, Guidelines, and Escalation methods
    Please review the IBM Support guidelines for a description of the IBM support framework; how to get setup for IBM support; methods to help yourself via watson search; and how to escalate a support case.

    Roadmaps - Db2 Development Roadmaps are Accessible to Everyone
    Curious about the feature and function committed to upcoming versions of Db2? You can now explore live development roadmaps for Db2 and the IBM Analytics family of products. This content is live and subject to change.

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